Similar Addons

Addon Removes Tracking Parameters Removes Redirects Type of Rules Notes
ClearURLs yes partial GitLab/GitHub-hosted rules file
Google Search Link Fix partial Site-specific: google, yandex Use unobfuscated URL present before click
Google Redirects Fixer & Tracking Remover yes partial Site-specific: google On request only
Link Cleaner partial partial Site-specific: facebook, steam and reddit for redirects, item pages of aliexpress and amazon, utm_* parameters
Don't Track Me Google partial Site-specific: google
Neat URL yes
LeanURL partial Parameter-specific: utm_*
Pure URL partial Parameter-specific: utm_* and Site-specific: facebook, yandex
Tracking Token Stripper partial Parameter-specific: utm_*
Skip Redirect yes Rewriting URLs in page
Remove Redirect yes Intercepting requests
Open Link Directly (No Redirect) partial Site-specific: google, yahoo
Untrack Me yes Not open source ?
CleanLinks partial yes Parameter-specific: utm_*
Referer Control Modifies HTTP referer headers
Referer Modifier Modifies HTTP referer headers
HTTPS Everywhere Online rules Upgrades http requests to https
Consistent HTTPS Stops downgrading https to http on the same domain
Canonical Manually redirects to canonical link in page (if exists: link[rel="canonical"])
Universal Bypass Hardcoded Automatically redirect from URL shorteners
Link Redirect Trace List/trace redirects
Redirector User-defined redirects

Last update: March 30, 2021